Interior Detail

Ideal package for those with kids or pets. Cleans and protects the interior of your vehicle. A comprehensive deep  Mobile Auto Detailing of your car’s interior. We use a carpet extractor and the latest products and techniques to clean and disinfect every surface on the inside of your car. The entire interior including the dash, console, door panels, carpets and seats are made to look as new as possible. It’s the perfect way to make your car feel new again. Not only will it look and smell clean, but it will be clean too!

Appointment duration: 2 hours (may vary on condition of vehicle)

Starting Price $165

  • Vacuum Interior & trunk areas
  • Clean dash, console, vents & glove box
  • Clean door panels, door jambs, and door seals
  • Clean windows, mirrors, and visors
  • Shampoo carpets, seats, and floor mats
  • Clean leather or vinyl
  • Apply conditioner to all vinyl or leather areas and wipe dry

Excessive Cleaning may be applied for heavily soiled interiors. Pet Hair & Sand are
some examples. 

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